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Is a better world possible? sitting, waiting, wishing…

I took the bad habit to only write in this blog when I am overwhelmed by a situation, either happily or rather negatively. I am forced to admit that I am more and more inclined to write only when something … Continue reading

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This picture got me into trouble and almost to Guantanamo bay… On my last day at work in Toronto, I decided to make a photo report of my journey to work. Considering that I take a tram, 2 subways and … Continue reading

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Today’s super heroes do not wear masks, have super powers or are called Superman, Spiderman, V for Vendetta or the incredibles… Today’s super heroes are regular people who are not committed to help respect the law in their cities but … Continue reading

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What goes around… comes around

Immigration has always been a hot topic in the industrial countries and the word has always carried a negative connotation. As a matter of fact, it has always been omitted how immigration was one of the main factors for the … Continue reading

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Rockin’ in the free world*

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about a few issues that are troubling me… Lately I’ve been a confused young man. And I realize that the world is going the wrong way. Everywhere there are signs of unrest, troubles, … Continue reading

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Fools or heroes…

I felt like dropping a few lines after watching the movie “Motorcycle Diaries” about Ernesto “che” Guevara’s eye opening trip through South America. Coincidentally I am currently reading “the apology of Socrates” by Plato… which made me think again of … Continue reading

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