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A day at the parc, the PinkPop parc

Last Sunday I kicked off my festival season, I headed to Landgraaf, NL for the last day of PinkPop festival. I couldn’t secure the 3 days pass as they sold out in no time.  So all hyped up with the … Continue reading

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Quelques grammes de finesse…

Something I enjoy in life is meeting new people and discovering new things. And it makes the encounter more special when it’s impromptu, unexpected… That’s something great about Toronto, there I met great people in an unorthodox way (wink Lee-Anne). … Continue reading

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This picture got me into trouble and almost to Guantanamo bay… On my last day at work in Toronto, I decided to make a photo report of my journey to work. Considering that I take a tram, 2 subways and … Continue reading

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lov’em and leav’em.

My time in Toronto is up… and again I have to say good bye and leave… Once again, I met wonderful people in a great city where I enjoyed myself to the max. But now it is time, my train … Continue reading

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Peace and food… Part II

It seems that I was wrong in my previous post Peace and food: Apparently our culinary traditions and cultural similiarities are not that peaceful after all; tensions are arising between Greek Cypriots and Turkish about who does the Baklava belong … Continue reading

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I wish I was…

When I was in the member committee of AIESEC Tunisia, I once designed a leadership session in 2 parts for the Tunisian Leadership development Seminar. The first part was a “personal objectives” session and the second was a leadership session. … Continue reading

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Peace and food

Have you ever wondered where Baklava comes from!? If you want to know, try to throw your question during a dinner bringing together a Tunisian, a Middle Eastern, a Turkish, a Greek and an Armenian… Each of them will keep … Continue reading

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