A global citizen, who enjoys traveling and living in different countries, I lived and worked in Turkey, Spain, Canada and now Belgium… It is good to visit countries, but it is GREAT to live there for a while, as you get a total immersion in this culture and you can experience living like local people. Be Turkish for a while, then Spanish, Canadian, Mexican, Chinese…

This blog was created originally when I was an AIESEC member, doing an internship in Canada in order to share the cultural experiences I lived during my travels… it turned out to be a dump of my rants, mixing topics and languages… A total mess 🙂

And no, Ibn Baddouda is not my name… if you want to know why I chose this weird name, here is the explanation: https://anisb.wordpress.com/2005/08/06/ibn-baddoudas-first-note/



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  1. mehdi says:

    Je souhaite Ă©crire un article sur ces blogs et blogueurs tunisiens Ă  l’origine du soulèvement populaire. Quelle est leur situation actuelle? Trois mois après la rĂ©volution, et trois mois avant les Ă©lections.
    Vous pouvez me contacter via mon mail.

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