Music for real change – the sound of the Why? generation

Because listening to music without meaning is dull and because music helps translate frustrations into art and enjoyment.

Because I only find solace there, as I can’t bear to watch any news outlet or traditional  massmedia anymore.

Because we are living an intense period of change, even though the actual tenants of power don’t seem to grasp that the path towards a drastic societal change has started and that it cannot be reversed…

Because my generation needs to build its own ideals, its own values and to find its own way…

Because we are not a lost generation.

I love telling stories with music… so I decided to put together a playlist for those who want to say “Enough is enough”.

Fight for your mind!



Excuse me Mr, do you have the time? Or are you so important that it stands still ? Excuse me Mr won’t you lend me your ear? Are you not only blind but you do not hear ?

1 – “This Is Not A Song, Its An Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues”

Woke up this moming with an ache in my head
Splashed on my clothes as I spilled out of bed
Opened the window to listen to the news
But all I heard was the Establishment’s Blues.
Gun sales are soaring, housewives find life boring
Divorce the only answer smoking causes cancer
This system’s gonna fall soon, to an angry young tune
And that’s a concrete cold fact.

This is the only song that I’ll feature that was released before my birth date. This is an exception since Rodriguez and his first album were made famous only a couple years ago with the excellent documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”

2 – Fake Empire

Turn the light out say goodnight, no thinking for a little while
Let’s not try to figure out everything at once
It’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky
We’re half awake in a fake empire
We’re half awake in a fake empire

3 – They don’t care about us

All I wanna say is that
They don’t really care about us
All I wanna say is that
They don’t really care about us

Tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible because you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
You know I really do hate to say it
The government don’t wanna see
But if Roosevelt was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be, no, no


4 – Acabar mal – Sergent Garcia

Todo esto va a acabar muy mal
Todo sí, todo tiene que acabar muy mal
Si siguen así machacando a la gente
Un día de estos se levanta potente
Con el puño levantando pa’decir que es suficiente
De los palos de la pasma ya tenemos bastante
Nosotros queremos salir de este cine mal oliente

5 – Same Thing

Saying the same things over again
Repeatin the same slogans we don’t know where we’ve been
We’ve been all over the globe on our government’s funds
Leavin man woman and child dead bloody and numb

saying the same things over again
Repeatin the same slogans we don’t know where we’ve been
We’ve been overthrowing leaders with legitimate views
Democratically elected but we didn’t approve….


We need money for healthcare and public welfare
Free mumia and Leonard peltier
Human needs not corporate greed
Drop the debt and legalize weed
We say yes to grassroots organization
No to neoliberal globalization
Bring the troops back to the USA
And shut down guantanamo Bay

The same things over again
My throat’s so sore from shoutin no war for the soldiers again

6 – War Pigs
(Black Sabbath cover)

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

7 – Bu$hleaguer

(lies, lies, lies, lies, lies…)
(lies, lies, lies, lies, lies…)
How does he do it? How do they do it? uncanny and immutable
I remember when you sang that song about today
Now it’s tomorrow and everything has changed
Changed, changed, chains, etc…

8 – One

Now that the war is through with me
I’m waking up, I cannot see
That there’s not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now

9 – Too young to die

Don’t want no war,
‘Cos we’re too young to die,
So many people,
All around the world,
Seen their brothers fry.
What’s the motive?
In your madness.
You’ve made my people cry.
So politicians this time
Keep your distance.
‘Cos we’re too young to die.
You know we’re too young to die,

10 – Afraid of everyone

I defend my family with my orange umbrella
I’m afraid of everyone, I’m afraid of everyone
With my shiny new starspangled tennis shoes on
I’m afraid of everyone, I’m afraid of everyone
With my kid on my shoulders I try
Not to hurt anybody I like
But I don’t have the drugs to sort,
I don’t have the drugs to sort it out, sort it out
I don’t have the drugs to sort it out, sort it out

Little voices swallowing my soul, soul, soul

11 – Do the evolution

Admire me, admire my home
Admire my son, he’s my clone
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
This land is mine, this land is free
I’ll do what I want but irresponsibly
It’s evolution, baby

I am ahead, I am advanced
I am the first mammal to make plans, yeah
I crawled the earth, but now I’m higher
2010, watch it go to fire
It’s evolution, baby
Do the evolution
Come on, come on, come on

12 – 2+2=5

Are you such a dreamer
To put the world to rights?
I’ll stay home forever
Where two and two always makes up five

I’ll lay down the tracks
Sandbag and hide
January has April’s showers
And two and two always makes up five

It’s the devil’s way now
There is no way out
You can scream and you can shout
It is too late now

Because you have not been
Payin’ attention
Payin’ attention

Oh hail to the thief
Oh hail to the thief

Don’t question my authority or put me in the dock
‘Cause I’m not
‘Cause I’m not
Oh, go and tell the king that the sky is falling in
When it’s not

13 – Carbon Monoxide

Too much carbon monoxide for me to bear
Too much carbon monoxide for me to bear
Where’s the air?
Where’s the air?
Where’s the air?

14 – When you gonna learn ?

Have you heard the news today?
People right across the world,
Are pledging they will play the game,
Victims of a modern world,
Circumstance has brought us here,
Armageddon’s come too near,
Too, too near, now
Foresight is the only key
To save our children’s destiny,
The consequences are so grave
So, so grave, now
The hypocrites we are their slaves.
So my friends to stop the end
On each other we depend,
Oh we depend.
Mountain high and river deep,
Stop it going on,
We gotta wake this world up from its sleep.
Oh people,
Stop it going on,

15 – Clandestino

Pa’ una ciudad del norte
Yo me fui a trabajar
Mi vida la dejé
Entre Ceuta y Gibraltar
Soy una raya en el mar
Fantasma en la ciudad
Mi vida va prohibida
Dice la autoridad

Solo voy con mi pena
Sola va mi condena
Correr es mi destino
Por no llevar papel
Perdido en el corazón
De la grande Babylon
Me dicen el clandestino
Yo soy el quiebra ley

16 – I’m afraid of Americans

I’m afraid of Americans
I’m afraid of the world
I’m afraid I can’t help it
I’m afraid I can’t
I’m afraid of Americans
Johnny’s in America

17 – Ronnie

Story starts, quiet town
Small-town boy, big-time frown
Never talks, never plays
Different path, lost his way

Then streets of red… red, I’m afraid…
There’s no confetti, no parade
Nothing happens in this boring place
But, oh my God, how it all did change

Now they all pray,
“Blood stain, wash away”

He said,
“Lost my way
This bloody day
Lost my way”

18 – W.M.A (White Male American)

he won the lottery when he was born
took his mothers white breast to his tongue
trained like dogs, color and smell
walks by me to get to him
police man
police man
he won the lottery by being born
big hand slapped a white male american
do no wrong, so clean cut…
dirty his hands, it comes right off
police man
police man
police stopped my brother again
police stopped my brother again

19 – Like a king

Well Martin’s dream
Has become Rodney’s worst
Can’t walk the streets
To them we are fair game
Our lives don’t mean a thing
Like a king, like a king, like a king
Rodney King, Rodney King, Rodney King
Like a king, like a king, like a king
How I wish you could help us Dr. King

20 – The Message

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge
I’m trying not to lose my head
It’s like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under

21 – …And justice for all

Halls of justice painted green
Money talking
Power wolves beset your door
Hear them stalking
Soon you’ll please their appetite
They devour
Hammer of justice crushes you

22- Saharagga

Until when will they eat our bread
Until when your benz will be full
And our pockets empty
and our pockets empty

Is it so hard to be a man
Is it so easy to be selfish(x2)

Our religion is not slavery, We fight the ikers of poverty, We are the fanatic of liberty now, I said liberty,

23 – Burn one down

herb the gift from the earth
and what’s from the earth
is of the greatest worth
so before you knock it try it first
you’ll see it’s a blessing
and its not a curse

if you don’t like my fire
then don’t come around
cause I’m gonna burn one down
yes I’m gonna burn one down



24 – Amused to death

This species has amused itself to death
No tears to cry
No feelings left
This species has amused itself to death
Amused itself to death

Alternate ending

25 – Fight for your mind

If you’re gonna live
then live it up
and if you’re gonna give
then give it up
if you’re gonna walk the earth
then walk it proud
and if you’re gonna say the word
you got to say it loud

you got to fight for your mind
you got to fight for your mind
while you got the time
you got to fight for your mind

26 – Knights of Cydonia

Come ride with me
Through the veins of history
I’ll show you a god who
Falls asleep on the job

And how can we win
When fools can be kings
Don’t waste your time
Or time will waste you

No one’s gonna take me alive
The time has come to make things right
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive

27 – Talkin’ about a revolution

Don’t you know
They’re talkin’ bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper
Don’t you know
They’re talkin’ about a revolution
It sounds like a whisper

Finally the tables are starting to turn
Talkin’ bout a revolution

28 – Keep on Rockin’ in a free world

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