A day at the parc, the PinkPop parc

Last Sunday I kicked off my festival season, I headed to Landgraaf, NL for the last day of PinkPop festival. I couldn’t secure the 3 days pass as they sold out in no time. P1030185

So all hyped up with the awesome line up of the day, I hit the road with my buddy Seb in his green old Citroen ZX, secretly praying it won’t break down somewhere half the way. 


Who is showing up today for my early birthday bash ? we got on the guest list Josh Homme and the Queens Of The Stone Age setting up the mood for the great Rage Against The Machine. I thought I would never see these guys live as they split up a few years ago but when I read they reformed for the Coachella festival my hopes

 revived and I kept an eye on their moves. So when they announced they were headlining the PinkPop festival I didn’t think twice, I needed my ticket for the June 1st show. 


To heat up the crowd until the studs of Seattle hit the stage and before the masters of Anarchy finish the job andP1030273 blow peoples minds we got: Serj Tankian, Fiction Plane, Gavin Degraw, Alanis Morissette, Cavalera Conspiracy, The Wombats, The Hives… 


Great kickoff, Fiction Plane start at the main stage on this beautiful day of June, the band is rocking and we are sitting on the grass for what felt like a nice day at the parc. We moved on next to the second stage where The Wombats english sound made us feel good.   


Gavin Degraw’s swing on the main stage kept the good vibes in the air, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, we are taking the sun and happiness is all around. Little detail, we forgot to buy protection cream and soon found out that the sun is here to stay… at the end of the day I was red like a tomato.


The Cavalera brothers took on the second stage, but it looked like nobody told them it was a nice day at the parc as they brought on their supersonic tempo and their double kick drums. I stayed a little while, enough to witness an epileptic guy (I guess) collapse right in front of me, then another body laying on the floor, everyone around was calling for help… nothing much serious, but still… is this all Cavalera’s effect? not my thing, a little walk to the pyramid to watch Kate Nash and hide a bit from the sun was definitely a great idea. 

Followed Racoon, the Hives and Alanis Morissette who sent me back to my late teenage years. Cool stuff, but serious things are still in the works. We decided to skip Serj Tankian in order to save a good spot for QOTSA who rocked the house pretty well with some hard tunes like Sick Sick Sick played energetically. The concert was 


awesome and the crowd around us would only agree with this statement. QOTSA did their job then left the stage the way they got to it: soberly, no encore despite the call of the crowd.


No resting time, people started piling for RATM and no one from those who were there left, we did the same ignoring the Counting Crows who headlined the second stage, I’ll see them in Werchter anyway. 


The long awaited RATM took their time to get on stage, the setup on the stage was pretty simple apart of two walls of massive speakers on both sides of the stage surrounding the band, man these guys like it loud, really loud. 


The crowd was getting impatient until a siren broke the roar and 4 Guantanamo Bay prisoners dressed in orange suites with hoods on their head walked on Stage. They were impressive facing the crowd while the sirens called for emergency. It was the silence before the hurricane, aka the riff of Bombtrack, “it’s just another bombtrack…yeah! It goes a-1, 2, 3… Hey yo, it’s just another Bombtrack…”


The crowd blasted at the first riff of Tom Morello and the whole festival ground turned into a massive mosh pit. P1030318I never saw such a level of energy, guys, girls, young and older all were into it. And it didn’t get any better when Morello started playing Bulls on Parade right after Bombtrack, with waves of people jumping and moshing to the powerful song riffs. 

All major RATM songs followed, with Morello driving people crazy with his riffs, tricks and untypical solos . Zach De la Rocha was pretty pumped up as well, he delivered a nice speech that galvanized people, a wake up call, right on time before the Wake up song. Talking about today’s generation, disrespected by politicians who believed it didn’t care, he called for awarness and immediate action : “what a better place than here, what a better place than now, WAKE UP”. 


With every song the atmosphere got more electric and more energy was poured into the crowd. I thought it was the climax of the night as they left the stage after a sensational wake up. But that was what I thought until the final shot: them coming back for Killing In The Name to close a one of a kind show. I was feeling the heat coming from the bodies around me, heated by the sun all day long and energized by RATM’s fury, the show ended on a loud MOTHERFUCKER shouted by more than 80.000 people who claim they won’t do what you tell them… if only it was true ! 


one word: Impressive !!!!

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