I’ve been going through a trip lately, long and painful… my own journey to freedom.

I am struggling to free myself, free myself from fear, from inhibitions, from stereotypes, from hatred, from every negative feeling or thought that stands between me and myself.

I want to explore the inner me, the one that was there before to get infected by all the sickness of this world. I want to meet the genuine me, how would I think, who I would I be if I was free of all strings attaching me to the filthy ground…

Emancipate myself from fear, fear is always around the corner. Fear of the unknown, fear of those who control my life, my thoughts… We’ve been well taught how to auto-censor ourselves, how to avoid thinking, how to accept a distorted reality that it’s impossible to stand…

Learn to free my mind from the society around me, and all its hidden catches, all the strange looks when you express something different or act differently. All the judgments, all the ironic comments, the surrounding conformism, the narrow minded people…

Remove all inhibitions, sins, explore the world as if there were no consequences: no punishments, no hell…

Pinch myself every time I’m having a nasty thought about a different person, just because this person is different…

I want to get rid of these feelings, I want to love mankind just as it is, diversified and different… destroy all thoughts presuming that THEY are different, that THEY are weird, that THEY are evil…

We are all weird, we all have our unique differences that make us uncivilized and strange, aliens to the eyes of some other people.No matter who you are, no matter where you coming from there will be always someone thinking that you are fucked up… so why don’t we accept these differences as particularities interesting to explore, instead of turning your head and mumbling: pfff those !@$#$%

I am trying to make the little free spot in my mind bigger, I figured out it was very small. I finally understood that I am a prisoner of my own mind… I want to dig into it and see where it’s gonna take me… and from there come back to the world…

hopefully as a free man…

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7 Responses to Free

  1. Shay says:

    A wonderful post as usual…mais je suis pas daccord avec ta definition de la libeté, ta liberté 🙂 ( c ironique je c).ce qui definit un Homme se sont ses actes et rien d’autres pas sa penser mais ses actes.ppour etres libre il faudrais quon soit en accord avec nos actes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    very nice, beautiful indeed! Have a nice trip man and don’t forget to tell us how it went, once you come back 🙂

  3. psynaj says:

    inchallah aidkom mabrouksnin daima

  4. A. says:

    Samsoum: Thanks for your wishes, I’ll not forget to tell you how it went, but hopefully you’ll see the change yourself… My dear Shay: I think the mind has to be freed first in order to let the free thoughts and ideas escape and leave the self built prison inside our heads… Then we learn how to apply those ideas to our lives, and then comes what you said, the cohesion between someone’s actions and thoughts/values. How do you know that what you are doing is right, or wrong ? that you are really faithful to your own self ? And remember that “ideas have wings, they can’t be stopped”… Youssef ChahinPsynaj: Aidek mabrouk inti zedaA.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A journey to free yourself: very idealistic, I guess you’re looking for the perfect world but it depends how you define it, how I define it or how she/he defines it. In some how, I agree that we are prisoners of our minds but didn’t get your point – destroy all thoughts presuming that THEY are different, that they are weird, that they are evil… – because you just said: we are all different and we gotta be different/weird (if you name it so). Actually, there is an added value out of our differences. Sharing the same character and behaviour: this is what I call it weird!!! Can you imagine this; it would be very boring and doesn’t make any sense at all… We gotta accept these differences: I perfectly agree!! I went through your comments and stories on your web log; I can see that you’re an experienced guy who travelled the world. I guess you will share my point: I truly believe that we are able to break any barrier: culture wise and social wise. It’s part of the “First steps to free my mind”. Sometimes we enjoy the difference and sometimes we just stand and say “WHAT THE HELL”. We all have our unique difference but it doesn’t make us UNCIVILIZED: you might judge (interpret) my behaviour as A VERY STRANGE and UNACCEPTABLE but she/he – coming from the same environment – might accept it and won’t judge it. You’ve been going through a trip lately but, actually, your trip has started since you were born and there is a specific time in which we realise and wake up (lucky us/ there are those who still live in the comma) to pursue such an ideology. I am going through the same trip too. Sir, I like your comments and will be waiting for your news/stories on your weblog: a very constructive one. God bless you all

  6. A. says:

    My anonymous friend: Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate your kind words. The point you didn’t get is very simple actually, I just said I want to destroy the negative thoughts that may come to my mind, and instead surround myself by positive vibrations. And thus, appreciate all differences at any given time or situation.I’m glad to hear that you are on the same journey too… wish you good sailing. Take care A.

  7. Jo says:

    We all have been already shaped on modeled doll, and as anonymous in his comment said“there is a specific time in wich we realise and wake up” to get rid of it , may be we can reach to ponder our minds but we gonna suffer from those who stil and will be in “comma”. anyways it ‘s not so important if you will be able to dig and discover your inner ,be free without what the society clamped for us !!I enjoyed reading your post !! good trip canım :)!!

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