DSC01891This picture got me into trouble and almost to Guantanamo bay…

On my last day at work in Toronto, I decided to make a photo report of my journey to work. Considering that I take a tram, 2 subways and a bus to go to work, I wanted to make it unforgettable, this journey I was doing twice a day.

So I started by the tram stop, the tram coming, me in the tram, the subway entrance, first subway stop etc… at the second subway’s station I continued my artistic work, took this picture and got into the wagon waiting for the subway to leave.

But it didn’t leave, the subway stayed there for long minutes. While I was worried about the bus I’ll miss, a constable came in with his talkie walkie: tchh tchhh walking back and forth until he stopped in front of me:

Toronto Transit Commission Constable: Would you please follow me sir ?
A.: pardon me !
TTC: I would like you to follow me, please.
A.: ME ?
TTC: Yes sir, please
A.: well, OK
TTC: thank you sir
A.: You know that it is my right not to go with you without you giving me a good reason… but not to make troubles I am going with you
TTC: I know that sir and I really appreciate your assistance.
A.: It better be serious coz I am missing a party at work now, u know ?
TTC: sorry for that sir…

So he leads the way to the control room, where all the subway lines of Toronto can be monitored… He offers me a seat:

TTC: It shouldn’t be long sir
A.: I’m just curious to know what’s the reason for all that.
TTC: you’ll know soon sir…
A.: mmmm don’t tell me it’s because of the pictures
TTC constable in his talkie walkie: Tchhh tchhh the suspect is asking if it’s because of the pictures, what should I say ?

so we sit there for 20 minutes and chit chat, I tell him I’m a foreigner and that it’s my last day at work, that I loved Toronto and that’s why I’m taking bits and pieces of my life here in pictures as memories…

A.: So I decided to make a photo report of my everyday life, the places I like etc..
TTC: great idea
A.: wanna see the pics ?
TTC: sure

When my TTC constable friend saw the innocent and funny pics…

TTC: I’m totally sorry sir
A.: don’t worry, I understand. I am taking it from the good side, it’s funny for me to be arrested on my last day at work while my colleagues have prepared a surprise for me and are waiting for me to come…
TTC: Maybe it’s funny, but it’s so sad too
A.: True true
TTC: I’m really sorry for what’s happening

In the mean time, three policemen arrived, with their tough faces…

Policeman 1: So you are the one ?
A.: if you say so
Policeman 2: so you’re taking pictures in the station
A.: Yes, (explaining the story from scratch)
P2: Can we see them
A.: of course
P3: do you have an ID ?
A.: yeah sure

Policeman 1 calls the Toronto Police for an Identity check, while I am showing the pics to the other 2… I go through the day pictures and then accidently show them a few pictures of world cup games celebrations and a brazilian party…DSC01861

P2: nice pictures you have here
A.: yeah
P3: so did you like your stay here ?
A.: I had a great time, I love this city… and the country
P3: good to hear, you know that’s the real thing, unfortunately times are hard now, remember the people arrested last week… u only hear about terrorism plots here and there
A.: that’s so bad, it’s like a phobia everywhere, a situation like this is ridiculous
P1: yeah but better safe than sorry, we prefer to arrest innocents for a couple of hours rather than take a chance… here you go, your ID
A.: Thanks, I guess I won’t ask you for a picture…
P2: (laughing) no you better not 🙂

better not, better not

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4 Responses to Guantanamera

  1. la mĂŞme chose m’est arrivĂ©e il y a quelques semaines dans le mĂ©tro de montrĂ©al. je prenais des photos histoire de chauffer mon appareil numĂ©rique lorsque le prĂ©posĂ© aux tickets m’a interpellĂ© sur un ton dĂ©sagrĂ©able pour me rappeler qu’il Ă©tait interdit de prendre en photo le mĂ©tro après le 11 septembre 2001. je n’ai pas aimĂ© la rĂ©action du monsieur, Ă©trangère Ă  un pays civilisĂ©. je n’ai pas aimĂ© non plus cette interdiction ridicule. croyez-vous qu’un terroriste va rĂ©cupĂ©rer le plan du mĂ©tro grâce Ă  des photos ? cela dit, mĂŞme curieuse et bizarre, l’attitude des policiers est correcte. sous d’autres cieux tu aurais Ă©tĂ© dĂ©jĂ  embarquĂ© manu militari dans un endroit inconnu oĂą tu aurais subi des choses tout aussi inconnues.

  2. PeckoPivo says:

    hehe, unbelievable… at least they were nice to you… if this happened in serbia or wherever in eastern europe… well… let`s just say you wouldn`t be able to sit for some time :)cheers m8

  3. Angie says:

    Hahah what a story! Now i feel like experimenting here in Copenhagen and see if i get any attention.. Im almost sure i wouldnt as i think people are a bit less paranoid here, but you never know.. 🙂

  4. el greco says:

    bravo voyageurj’ai adorĂ© ton rĂ©cit, bien contĂ© et racontĂ©!!!Dur dur la vie d’un voyageur et je t’invite Ă  visiter mon Blog voyageur:

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