lov’em and leav’em.

My time in Toronto is up… and again I have to say good bye and leave… Once again, I metDSC01824 wonderful people in a great city where I enjoyed myself to the max. But now it is time, my train is calling…

I have confused feelings these days… I am excited to go home, meet my family and friends and enjoy summer in Tunisia. But at the same time I am sad to leave my friends and my life here. I will definitely miss Toronto in every aspect, I fell in love with this city.

When I remember how I wasn’t thrilled about my life here in the beginning and how I was thinking about leaving after 6 months… I am happy I took the decision to loose my return ticket and stay longer.

As I work in a far suburb of Toronto (Richmond Hill), I lived close to work at first… big mistake as you absolutely need a car to have a decent social life. It wasn’t an option for me, so I had to live without it, which meant living a very limited social life.

It wasn’t easy for a social butterfly like me, used to have my friends around and a million things to do every day. My first months meant staying at home the whole week to go downtown in the week ends where I was hosted by good friends of mine. Fortunately they were there otherwise I would have gone insane…

Then I started to make the best of it and enjoyed it in every way…

I enjoyed every season, even winter and its beautiful snow falling, snowboarding and ice skating; fall was beautiful with all its colours and the falling leafs, spring and the rebirth of nature after loosing its bed of snow, there is something magic in how everything turns green after it was all white. And summer where Toronto goes crazy with a different festival and cultural celebrations every week, camping, outdoor activities and bonding with mother nature…

And the food in all this… for a gluttonous guy like me it is a must factor in my definition of happiness. I will tremendously miss Toronto and its mosaic of cultures and foods. Here you can eat whatever food of the world you want; I got introduced to all types of food and just loved the mix and variety… I even prepared a schedule of restaurants to go to before I leave…

I had a blast going to concerts (PJ, DM…), sports events, crazy parties, road trips, street festivals… But all of it wouldn’t mean anything without the special people I enjoyed being with… some left me, and some I would leave… some I would meet soon, and some I don’t know if I will ever see them again, where and when…

I was lucky to find great people in Toronto; I have amazing friends with whom I shared great moment and who were always there when I needed them. It is wonderful to feel appreciated and to know that there are friends over there that you can rely on…

But now it is time to go…

It is hard to strip yourself from a life… but I knew I had to from the start. I know how it feels, I experienced it before and it was tough… I did it when I left to Spain, then when I left Spain… when I came back home to have an awesome time with my friends, then leaving them to start a new adventure…

I knew it but went for it regardless; maybe I am a masochist for tormenting myself and leaving pieces of my life behind… Maybe… But, all I know is that I don’t regret anything, that I cherish the friendships I made and value everything I lived…To all my friends a big thank you and a big hug, I will miss you tons…

Stop that train I’m leaving…
Stop that train I’m leaving…
Stop that train I’m leaving…
Stop that Train I’m leaving…*


*Peter Tosh

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12 Responses to lov’em and leav’em.

  1. Johnny K. says:

    Hey Anis – it was great getting to meet you at the MC party last weekend. Although it was brief, it was great getting to hear about your experience here in Canada as an intern. The advice is invaluable and I will definitely use it when I am on an internship someday as well. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Amine's says:

    Anis, looking forward to see you when you get back to Tunisia.Let me know when you will be back.Tunisia hasn’t lost its charming and crazy summer season. here is my cell : 20-463-838.

  3. Shay says:

    Dude welcome back home…will u be here for the Jazz tabarka festival :)8th to 16th july

  4. A. says:

    Thanks Johnny, it was nice talking to you. I wish you all the best for your term and in an internship after that (u gotta do it)… Amine: Sure thing, I’ll let you know when I am back. Shayman: yeah I’ll be there, another trip to Tabarka together!? I am in reserve my spot.

  5. Angie says:

    Ayyy Anis! Your post made me have a flashback to 2003, to the days i was about to leave the city of my dreams (Stockholm) after 15 beautiful months. Buaaaa!Yeah, i guess one knows how it works from the start but that doesnt make the goodbye easier eh?Good thing is, as you said yourself, you dont regret anything.. and hey, you dont leave empty handed :)Such a ridiculous shame we didnt get to meet in this continent, but im glad to know we are both crossing the Atlantic soon! Ill take that as a sign that we will meet somewhere in the very near future :)/A

  6. shit, dawg. You haven’t even left toronto yet and I’m already depressed.Next time we hook up – Location: Tunisia!!

  7. Veronica says:

    Anis – It was so nice to meet you and enjoy great music with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts through this blog…I look forward to reading more, and hopefully crossing paths again one day on your side of the ocean.

  8. jo says:

    i checked your blog cause i was sure that you will drop something about your departure i enjoyed reading , you could really transfer us what you feel the most important that you are going to leave with a very good souvenirs and freinds , it’s not easy to meet some people share an amazing moments,be very close in a short time and later you have to tell them maybe farewell , but also you would say thanks to the destiny that you could meet eachother. see you in Tunisia canım.jojo !!

  9. A. says:

    Angie: we are definitely masochists, and to celebrate our coming out we should create an organization, what about “Global masochists” and our first international conference should be this fall… you are the Organizing Committee President, congrats 😉 Veronica: Nice to meet you, and I’ll be very glad to welcome you and show you around in my beautiful Tunisia… Jo: thank you destiny, thank youuuuu, see you on the beach 😉 Hootch: Thanks for the hootch, it is good “to try” to forget, waiting for you in Tun dude

  10. Angie says:

    Damn Anis, you are full of great ideas! World, here we come!Ill start working on the agenda 😉

  11. Cool & Soul says:

    Cool & Soul : C’est Cool & Soul deux blogeurs, un homme et une femme que vous fréquentiez sur la blogosphère Tunisienne. Comme vous ils éditent des billets, ils parlent de tout, de rien, de leurs vies respectives, en un mot ils parlent de leurs quotidiens et un jour ils ont parlé, mais entre eux en privé d’un sentiment naissant l’un envers l’autres et miracle ils se sont découvert amoureux l’un pour l’autre, ils se sont déclarés leurs flemmes sans même s’être vu une seconde.D’un commun accord leur premier né est et sera les pages de ce blog http://cool-soul.hautetfort.com, qu’ils nourriront de leurs émois et enflammeront de leurs passions.Nous nous aimons tous simplement et vous en seraient tous nos témoins.”

  12. houta says:

    Ahh Anis…Isn’t it nice to have all those memories in your life. You may hate me as I’m allready calling your time in Toronto ”memories”, just take your time to get settled in Tunisia and then go on with life my friend. I kinda found how you felt on your first months in Canada, similar to my time in Sydney but I think in life we gotta be persistent, you reminded me that I came here for a reason and I’ll stop wining and just look forward to build a life’n social circle. You know what’s funny? I’m here for an undefinite period of time, no 6 months traineeship, no limits and I’ll still try not to miss anything from life here. You always have a room in Sydney budy. Take it easy…

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