Today’s super heroes do not wear masks, have super powers or are called Superman,the incredibles Spiderman, V for Vendetta or the incredibles… Today’s super heroes are regular people who are not committed to help respect the law in their cities but instead have received divine killing permits and have been assigned a mission directly by God: Force the respect of their religion by… making bombs.

During the week end, 17 young men have been arrested in the suburbs of Toronto and have been charged in an alleged terror plot. 5 underage people are among the arrested.

Apparently, the suspects were frustrated by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and by the mistreatment of Muslims around the world… they thought they have to do something to change things and defend the humiliated brothers and sisters… so they came up with the brilliant idea of terrorist attacks.

These kids, warmed up by images of war and heated radical preaches by a fundamental imam (arrested with the gang) lost their marbles and believed they were the missionaries of God to spread its “love” among the people…

Once again, the name of Islam has been stained by fools who play war games and think they are being sent to heaven in the first express train to leave planet earth.

It’s so painful to read the news and realize how radical and stupid people can be. Realize that these people belong to the same religious community as you… Once again…

I was in Valladolid, Spain (200 km north of Madrid) when the train attacks happened in the Spanish capital in March 11, 2004… I remember how everybody was astonished by what happened and the mixed feelings of disbelief, confusion and anger. As Aznar’s government started pointing fingers at the Basque terrorist group (ETA), spontaneous demonstrations took place in all Spanish cities with the biggest in Madrid where 2 million people took the streets, chanting the main slogan against ETA terrorism: “BASTA YA”… I was part of the Valladolid one.

The following days, the two main national newspapers were giving completely different info (due to the upcoming election): El Mundo (close to Aznar’s El partido Popular) was accusing ETA, El Pais (close to the Socialist Party) started mentioning Radical Islamic terrorism… I was secretly hoping it wasn’t the latter.

Unfortunately, it was…

When the information became official, I wished I could disappear from the face of the earth. I couldn’t look in my friend’s eyes anymore. But, I was blessed to have great friends who helped me to get over it; they were tolerant and intelligent enough to make the difference between the self declared warriors of God and the rest of the Muslim world. But this isn’t the case of everybody…

It needs a massive reaction from the Muslim world to fight this extremist and erroneous ideology that made its way among the God freaks. EVERY terrorist act has to be strongly condemned and those who spread radical ideology in the name of God or nationalism should be sued… Starting by Haniya and his Hamas.

Thanks to you, Superheroes, Islam became the public enemy #1 in the world… Mission accomplished… thank you very much.


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3 Responses to Superheroes

  1. Shay says:

    Wonderful post Anis,keep bloging dude ;)les bombes explose chaque jours dans les deux sens…

  2. right on!, sing it, brother.

  3. artmin says:

    This has nothing to do with superHeroes, the buzz phrase used toDescribe among other thingsNannies, this has nothing to do withWhat is termed as modern American mythology, it’s about another group of misguided individually who are waging another war, history yet again repeating it’s self.

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