Peace and food… Part II

It seems that I was wrong in my previous post Peace and food: Apparently our culinaryfunny-food-photos-peace-of-pizza
traditions and cultural similiarities are not that peaceful after all; tensions are arising between Greek Cypriots and Turkish about who does the Baklava belong to… is it my post that created this conflict !??? 🙂

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet (thanks a lot Jo for the link):

Baklava tension increases; protests planned for Istanbul

“Turkish baklava producers are protesting Greek Cypriot claims that the sweet dessert is their own national creation, with support for their protest coming from State Minister and EU Chief Negotiator Ali Babacan in the EU General Secretariat. Plans for a press conference are underway for later today, and tomorrow a march in which banners proclaiming “Baklava is Turkish, we will not allow the Greek Cypriots to feed it to the world” are held is planned for Istanbul. The owner of renowned baklava producer “Haci Sayid Baklava,” Halil Dincerler, had this comment on the situation: “Baklava is Turkish, what the Greek Cypriots are presenting is just a copy. We will go all the way to Brussels, and we will let the EU ministers taste real baklava.”

Another comment on the international food fight was made by the President of the Baklava and Dessert Producers Foundation, Mehmet Yildirim. He said that it was time for Turkey to stand up and claim its national treasures, and recalled that the Turks had brought baklava with them all the way from Central Asia. Yildirim also said that there were documents which proved that baklava belonged rightfully to the Turks.” Hurriyet

The Baklava war I started, what will be next !? kebab world war II, ozu / raki peace talks, turkish/greek/Arab coffee armed conflicts… !?

Good luck people

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5 Responses to Peace and food… Part II

  1. Hayy says:

    ça prouve encore une fois (si besoin est) que toutes les raisons sont bonnes pour faire la guerre, du petit tube blanc de Colin Powel à ta baklava.Certains ont même le culot de prendre la paix pour pretexte à la guerre, c’est dire le niveau de connerie qu’on peut atteindre.Enfin … gardons espoir 🙂

  2. ces says:

    hey. i chanced upon your ‘conversation’ with Siska in her comment box, i must say i was really moved. i hail from the philippines and not a day has gone by that i don’t defend my country from people who only tries to tarnish our reputation even more. we are a third world country and even if we are technologically over-ly capacitated, i feel sometimes that we are still deprived of the same respects other nationalities are given. and it’s sad because i personally think Filipinos (my countrymen) just as amazing as my american neighbor (i actually have one). i salute you for defending your race, heritage and country even through a comment box. it shows how much character was imbibed in for siska, she was bold and speaking as an outsider who has an eye of a journalist and passion of a communicator. i am a mass communications major and i understand where her perceptions are coming from. i think she’s amazing like that but yea, in truth, relativizing should be inculcated more in people these days.just some random thoughts. if you care to share more with me, its cesemrondario@hotmail.comcheers,Ces RondarioLCP-ESA in the Philippines

  3. A. says:

    Thanks for your kind words Ces… It is not about chauvinism or absolutely defending my country, I respect everybody’s opinion and I can understand how people have different perceptions and opinions…BUT, when you describe things, at least try to be faithful to the real picture and relativize YOUR opinions… this is what I didn’t like in Siska’s post… Blogging became an alternative information media; and from this perspective, Siska’s post is not informative. And btw, I am a marketing/communication major too :)Thanks again for passing byA.

  4. Ammouna says:

    en un mot: Miam!

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