I love this game

Fans will immediately recognize the NBA slogan, and remember the mid 90s “I love thisoriginal_240046_RIrfxNxdc49e83seq7OB47ghe game” NBA campaign. Well indeed, I do love this game.

Yesterday I couldn’t go to bed, even though I was extremely tired. I couldn’t sleep thinking that game 6 of the Phoenix Suns – L.A Lakers series was on air at that time. I went to bed at halftime, thinking reasonably that I should get some decent sleep after a tiring week so I can wake up fresh and go to work. The sand man didn’t come; I think he was in the Staples Center watching the game.

I love when the game goes beyond sports, when it involves passion, excitement and the players drop their “blasé” attitude and show their human side. Yesterday it was a game between humility, team spirit and sportsmanship VS egocentricity, narcissism and selfishness. It was the game of Phoenix against Kobe.

I am not summarizing the Lakers to Kobe like TV commentators and Lakers fans do, the team has great players that are full of qualities like Lamar Odom or Luke Walton who are great team players, but in this team it is indeed all about Kobe and therefore it is Kobe against Phoenix.

Yesterday was game 6 of the series in L.A’s Staples Center. The Lakers leading 3-2 after they stole game 4 with a buzzer beater by Kobe and two fumbles in crucial times by the (to be named) back to back MVP Steve Nash. It was a WIN or GO HOME game.

To add to the drama, Raja Bell, Phoenix’s defender on Kobe committed a flagrant foul on him and got ejected and suspended for game 6. Of course Kobe didn’t miss the chance to humiliate Raja, saying “I don’t know the kid, do you think I care about this kid!?” KID!??? F***ing cocky bastard. The referees don’t pay much attention to his dirty elbows thrown at R.Bell and yesterday at Leandro Barbosa, why does he get away with it!? Coz he is a star !?

Anyways, yesterday was a very tight game, Kobe was unstoppable (50 pts) while Phoenix didn’t look very inspired. Shawn Marion was invisible, as he was for all this series, weird after his monster season. Boris Diaw and Tim Thomas were quiet, and it was all about Steve Nash, Phoenix can’t win if they play this way. The only way Phoenix can win is to score, they need everybody to score starting by “the matrix” Marion.

So much drama, Phoenix is behind by 3 with 20 seconds to go, Nash spinning around with the ball with no open shot position, the suns start to panic when they miraculously find Tim Thomas for the three pointer… a beautiful fake sends Kwame Brown in the air, T.T calmly sends his missile BOUM, BUCKET, NOTHING BUT NET.

Tied at 107 with 3 seconds to go, Kobe gets the ball with Marion on him and Nash double teaming, takes the shot…. Ohhhh… aiiiiiiiiir balllllllllllllllllll.

Overtime… Diaw finally takes advantage of his match up against Smush Parker, the Suns finally run the ball, 9 pts advantage. Game over !? nooooo. Kobe scores two downtown three pointers (dunno how he gets them in). Nash gets fouled at every possession and doesn’t tremble; he makes all his free throws to send everybody back to Arizona for game 7…

“We did it for Raja” said Nash at the post game interview.

2 great games in 2 nights, the previous night I was jumping in the living room wearing a Lebron James jersey (a Reebok replica that I got at Kensington Market for 13$) when he scored his overtime buzzer beater lay up against Washington Wizards who played like champions and deserved to win it, led by a “stop me if you can” Gilbert Arenas.

I am excited like a kid again, when I was spending my late nights (consider the 6 hrs time difference with Tunisia) watching the Bulls stick together to win their first and second Three peat. I was a Bull in my living room, jumping at Paxson’s and Kerr’s threes to seal championship games.

First thing I did when I came to Canada!? I bought the 90s Dynasty Chicago Bulls DVD set, 4 double faced DVDs filled with documentaries and the essential Bulls games… yay

I really love this game


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4 Responses to I love this game

  1. Angie says:

    Ahhh Anis! Have you considered becoming a sports commentator?? 🙂 I also love the fuzz, the passion and the excitement behind sports! Not to mention the snacks and the beer involved in watching games, of course :pAt some point in my life, i had a passing fever for the Bulls and i was crazy about Toni Kukoč! In the end, i decided that he was too tall for me and moved on… Now, its all about football! :)Keep enjoying the game!

  2. PeckoPivo says:

    bet on Nets against Miami… They are going to the big finals this year…

  3. Maria says:

    I love the Game too… probably the only REAL love of my life 🙂

  4. A. says:

    hehehehe Angie, I would love to do that, I’d love to do many things actually. I would need many lives to do them all. Maria: me toooooooo, I love it !!! nice to see you around. Pecko: NO WAY, shaq and Wade are too dominant and Miami’s roster is very deep. The nets have to play big every night, and I don’t think it is possible, only their starting five is performing. They can’t advance this way. Detroit is the one who is gonna win it all in the east… Phoenix probably in the West, but that’s harder to predict

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