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Walking in my shoes

Lots of people would have loved to walk in my shoes Thursday May 18th… at Depeche Mode’s Toronto date of Touring the Angel 2005/2006 world tour. I got the tickets a few minutes after it went on sale sometime on … Continue reading

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Peace and food… Part II

It seems that I was wrong in my previous post Peace and food: Apparently our culinary traditions and cultural similiarities are not that peaceful after all; tensions are arising between Greek Cypriots and Turkish about who does the Baklava belong … Continue reading

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I wish I was…

When I was in the member committee of AIESEC Tunisia, I once designed a leadership session in 2 parts for the Tunisian Leadership development Seminar. The first part was a “personal objectives” session and the second was a leadership session. … Continue reading

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Given to fly

In 2001, a friend of mine from Turkey told me that he saw Pearl Jam live in Istanbul… That day, I felt so jealous, why not me!? The only big concerts I saw were Sting, Michael Jackson and… Eros Ramazotti… … Continue reading

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I love this game

Fans will immediately recognize the NBA slogan, and remember the mid 90s “I love this game” NBA campaign. Well indeed, I do love this game. Yesterday I couldn’t go to bed, even though I was extremely tired. I couldn’t sleep … Continue reading

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