The NBA 2006 playoffs just started and the fever is hitting town…
Very exciting couple of months to come… from the first round to the finals we’ll have very interesting matchups to enjoy!!!! Here are my predictions…

1 – Detroit Vs 8 – Milwaukee
David against Goliath, Milwaukee has an interesting team with lots of upside for the future. The Bucks are capable of magic any given night, but the Pistons are simply too strong to beat. I predict: 4 – 1 for the mighty pistons

2 – Miami Vs 7- Chicago
Same as Milwaukee, The Bulls have a young and very promising team… they may make it hard to Miami to win… The Bulls are even the favourites of Scottie Pippen I don’t agree with the Pip on this one, I think he went a bit sentimental… I think Miami is gonna advance to the next round, simply because they have a polyvalent team where many role players can step up and make a difference (Walker, Haslem, J.Williams, Posey, Payton, Zo Mourning) add a dominant center in the person of Shaq to the mix and spice it up with an incredible versatile player that can beat a whole team by himself: Mr Dwayne Wade and you get a championship contender… Unless they are broken by injuries, 4-1 for The Heat.

3 – New Jersey Vs 6 – Indiana
NJ ended the season very well… while Indiana suffered a bit; Now they have Jermaine O’Neal back and if Stojakovic excels they may cause troubles. NJ is the favourite to win this series, although surprisingly, the Pacers won game 1 and have home court advantage now. Time for the magic three (Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson) to show us what they can do… Waiting for some V.C hang time wonders! 4-3 for the Nets

4 – Cleveland Vs 5 – Washington
Lebron Lebron Lebron… this guy is amazing… After a HUGE season, first playoff game in his career and he gets a triple double along with 31 points. Lebron James is the future of basketball, his set of skills is unlimited and most importantly he has the mentality of a champion: Humble, a team player, focused and eager to win… and he is only 21!!!!! 4-2 for the Cavs

1 – San Antonio Vs 8 – Sacramento
Please somebody beat The Spurs… or at least they should get a little bit more exciting to watch by playing more on Ginobli and Finley. For sure the Kings won’t have this privilege, The Spurs are way too dominating… 4 – 0 for The Spurs

2 – Phoenix Vs 7 – L.A Lakers
Interesting matchup if the Lakers play the same way they played in game 1, as a real team where everybody takes responsibility and Kobe passes the ball. Huge game one from Lamar Odom… Phoenix should win though, 4-2

3 – Denver Vs 6 – L.A Clippers
This case shows how much the new standings system is f’d up… Denver is seeded #3 while has a worse record than Dallas, Memphis and L.A Clippers. That’s a very interesting series, but only if Carmelo, Camby and K-Mart play at their best level. The Clippers are hungry for wins and for once they are the best team of L.A. 4-2 for the Clippers

4 – Dallas Vs 5 – Memphis
That’s a very good matchup, probably the best one in the first round… these two teams will exhaust each other. Memphis has a great defence while Dallas has an overwhelming offence with threats coming from everywhere on the court (obviously I am not talking about Eric Dampier)… it is the batlle of the two European skilled big men Dirk Vs Pau… Venga Pau Venga!!!! I think home court advantage will be decisive in this series, probably Dallas in 7.

So for the second round in the East I would expect to have: Detroit Vs Cleveland and Miami Vs NJ. Unless the Nets use their talent to its fullest the conference final would be Detroit Vs Miami, exactly as last year… Detroit would still win it!

As for the West, San Antonio Vs Dallas is a huge matchup and Phoenix Vs The clippers is a very spectacular one… San Antonio Vs Phoenix in the conference finals… and that’s very tough to predict who would win…

I would love to see Detroit Vs Phoenix in the finals, the opposition of styles would be very exciting. Last year’s finals were a bit boring, Pistons – Suns should be an excellent one… crossing my fingers…

Great playoffs a todos



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