Lucky-LukeIt is so nice to comfortably sit down, look back and realize that you’ve made something nice out of your time…

I realize how lucky I am for having had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and discover different places, ways of life and people. It is just a wonderful thing to do that I wish for everyone to experience.

Some would say”there is no luck involved; you make whatever you want out of your life”. True somehow, you make your own decisions in life, and if you want something hard you will end up finding ways to do it, however there is lots of luck involved, and thankfully I’ve been lucky…

It is a fact that we (Tunisians/Africans, all those not Europeans/north Americans) don’t have the same opportunities to travel as European or North American youth. And when I say I am lucky it is in comparison to so many friends of mine that didn’t have the chance to travel anywhere.

First, it is very expensive to travel, and young people usually cannot sustain their expenses without their parents helping them. It requires lots of funds and parents are not usually willing to make such a great sacrifice. The lower the family income is the greater is the sacrifice.

Second, people are not free to move, a visa is needed to go almost anywhere. Those who didn’t have the “chance” to deal with consulates don’t know how fun it is to wait in line for long hours to apply for a visa, collecting all the necessary documents (proving the reason of your stay, how much money you’re taking with you, an invitation letter and so on…) And the most fun part, is the uncertainty of it all. You never know if you’ll get it or not… you are not even allowed to ask why you’ve been refused a visa… All the frustration you go through makes it worth celebrating every time you get a visa to somewhere…

Then, the processing time: How many jobs I’ve been accepted to until the employer figures out that it needs a few documents and a few months waiting for the guy to join… I obviously get a “sorry but we need this position filled ASAP”. I even had to resign from a one year term with the member committee of AIESEC Italy because of a similar issue… I had to wait 3 months to get my visa to Spain and 2 months for Canada…

All this makes me realize how lucky I am… for having encountered AIESEC that changed my life… for my supportive parents who encouraged me all the way and most of all who gave me the freedom to choose my path without any pressure… for having the patience to go through a bazillion interviews, excitement, hopes and disillusions…

I wish everyone could have the same luck as I did coz’ I have wished for so long… how I wish for you today*


* Pearl Jam/Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Long road
“Dead man walking” Soundtrack

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6 Responses to Lucky…

  1. 🙂 the good thing throughout all of this is that you DO realize that you were given opportunities and that you actually did use them. You fought to travel and you had your way, otherwise you would not be writing so fluently in english while staying in Canada… I was listing the countries I had the chance to visit the other day and I hover around 15 or so… And I only hope that the list will grow even more… Keep on travelling 😉 Keep on exploring…

  2. A. says:

    Thanks Jojo, I hope I will keep on going… Indeed I DO realize that… the thing is that I believe everyone should have the chance to live this kind of experiences… but unfortunately the world is unfair…

  3. swifty says:

    really I hope to have a little chance as you to visit many countries.good luck !

  4. jo says:

    soooo much barriers to move , and it really make me incensed.i hate the consulates , i hate the step in airport to stamp the passport ,i hate …just 3 weeks ago to go from Turkey to Lebanon ( For Tunisians we need just to take the visa from airport there) but in Turkish Airport they stop me ” no you can not go ” and they call to ask saying :”one passenger has ” yeşil passport” it means GREEN PASSPORT what means from Arabic country !!!!!!!! Green passport is suspecious ( they don’t have the right to move !!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaah !!!!But I’m keeping patience and bear this unfairness … Anis , you are lucky right, but you were too much eager to travel, you bear to much difficulties and you didn’t give up easily !! so is not just matter of chance You choose this way !!

  5. A. says:

    hehe, j’attendais ton commentaire Jo 😉 Je savais que tu allais dire ça… but hey, you did it your way too, right !? lots of respect canim, I am very proud of you.hugsA.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Anis,Another great blog…I really feel that we do not spend enough time taking the time to just BE GRATEFUL…we are so damn fortunate in this generation…especially when we have a good education and supportive parents and friends to add to it.Thanks for remembering that perspective changes everything…Best,Tara (posted as anonymous this time!)

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