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Salam Pax… the clandestine diary of an ordinary Iraqi

I found this book by accident in a little book store… The cover wasn’t really attractive, but this quote captivated me: “The most famous and most mysterious blogger in the world… Salam Pax was the Anne Frank of the war… … Continue reading

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The NBA 2006 playoffs just started and the fever is hitting town… Very exciting couple of months to come… from the first round to the finals we’ll have very interesting matchups to enjoy!!!! Here are my predictions… East: 1 – … Continue reading

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What goes around… comes around

Immigration has always been a hot topic in the industrial countries and the word has always carried a negative connotation. As a matter of fact, it has always been omitted how immigration was one of the main factors for the … Continue reading

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It is so nice to comfortably sit down, look back and realize that you’ve made something nice out of your time… I realize how lucky I am for having had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and … Continue reading

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Peace and food

Have you ever wondered where Baklava comes from!? If you want to know, try to throw your question during a dinner bringing together a Tunisian, a Middle Eastern, a Turkish, a Greek and an Armenian… Each of them will keep … Continue reading

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Elevation There are tens of songs that I really like while there are a few that stand in a different category, I call them the “hold on a minute, I am listening” songs. They have the power of kind of … Continue reading

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