Fools or heroes…

CheFelixL_468x378I felt like dropping a few lines after watching the movie “Motorcycle Diaries” about Ernesto “che” Guevara’s eye opening trip through South America. Coincidentally I am currently reading “the apology of Socrates” by Plato… which made me think again of a hot topic that concerned me for a long time, and still does: a man’s mission in life…

Both men, El Che and Socrates are charismatic symbols from different times who gave up their lives and personal pleasures to create a better place for humankind.

Socrates lived in poverty all his life, didn’t care about gratifications or rewards, spent his days talking to people and educating his followers for free; while other supposed wise men were asking for a lot to educate rich young men.

El Che, a young Argentinian doctor wanted a free South America, united and classless. He joined the Cuban revolution that took the power over Batista, the pro American president.

Two different ways, same objectives. What is sure is that both sacrificed their lives till the end for others…

Socrates always stood for his beliefs, justice and virtues, saying he was guided by a divine voice that assigned him this mission of educating people and teaching them the virtues. He believed that changing individuals one by one would create a better society.

Socrates was convicted for introducing strange gods and corrupting the youth, and was sentenced to death by drinking poison. He could escape death by admitting his crime and declaring redemption or, as suggested by his friends, by corrupting the guards and escaping from the city.

He didn’t want to break the city rules he believed in, so he chose to respect his beliefs till the end and accept death with honour.

El Che was a figure of the revolution along with Fidel Castro. He obtained a ministry and a high rank in the government… but as soon as he felt that his ideals were not the priority anymore, he took off to face other challenges and spread la revolución somewhere else. He went to Congo to organize the revolution there and then to Bolivia where he was trapped and killed.

Both men paid their lives for the good of others… are they fools, or are they heroes!? They could accept reality and the status-quo and live…

Then comes this question to my mind:

Should we live like fools and die as heroes, or live like happy fools and die as fools…

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13 Responses to Fools or heroes…

  1. none says:

    interesting. nice pictures.

  2. H&D says:

    J’aime beaucoup… et je t’aime aussi mon Héro… Tu es né fool mais tu es déjà mon héro sans mourir… et tu es un peu moins fool :)…Fool stop.

  3. Isabel says:

    neat post, anis. i loved the movie also. have you read the book? i bought it not too long ago but haven’t had the chance to read it…very nice profile photo by the way! somebody is looking unusually professional! making business formal wear super sexy 😉

  4. This has nothing to do with this entry, but I just wanted to say that Tunisia will have my support in Germany (as long as I am not in Morocco watching the game at the time – I don’t want to get beat up!!) Good luck in Canada.Melissa

  5. Loren says:

    thanks for your comment on nightintunisia Anis. I posted a short reply.As for this post, not sure that I go for the Martyr philosophy. There are certainly many great men and women who died for their causes. There are also a great many who lived out their lives and managed to transform the world in positive ways.Whatever the case, however, there is that matter of choosing your direction and moving forward. For me, that’ll be through the visual arts. For the next person, who knows.Good luck – and loved the movie also. (deleted a comment with a faulty link)

  6. adib says:

    hasta sempre commandantee viva la revolutionthank you for this posti discover your blog congratulation!welcom to the tunisian blogosphere:)

  7. Seyitbek says:

    hi Anis,I met you recently at Gabby’s restaurant.Very intersting to see your post and I had seen it earlier we would have had a lot to discuss.I wonder why you consider Che Guevara a hero? Communist ideas are a complete failure in practice

  8. A. says:

    Hi Seyitbek, Tanks for your comments, you are very welcome for a nice discussion, drop me an email someday… I don’t consider Che guefara a hero for what he stands for, but for the courage of standing for it and fighting for freedom. thx again dude, Anis

  9. Angie says:

    Anis!Good answer! What have you been up to since October? :pHasta la vista baby!

  10. Stanley says:

    I finally got around to watching the movie, Anis. And since I don’t know Ernesto Che Guevara’s full background, I interpreted the movie outside of his political activism. I saw “The Motorcycle Diaries” as a journey between two guys and what had started off as a male-bonding, rite of passage become a journey of self discovery for either of them albeit in different ways. Alberto was the one who knew what lay ahead of him, having already completed his education but wanting to get in one last hurrah before being a responsible adult at the ripe old age of 30. Meanwhile, Ernesto was the opposite, with an education still not completed and too young at 24 to have defined his future just yet.Even though they made their trip by carousing, flirting and charming their way into obtaining lodging and food, they both got hit with reality through face to face accounts of injustices inflicted on the lives of the people they encountered along the way – fertile farmland being stolen, threat of persecution for political beliefs, segregation, etc – and one by one these encounters helped develop a more refined identity for Ernesto and confirmed that for Alberto.In the movie, the development of Ernesto’s later ideals can be observed by how he was starting to do his part at fighting injustice, whether by donating 15 US dollars to a struggling couple or shaking hands with a colony of lepers sans gloves. At these instances, you start seeing the reality of how action over charisma is more effective because charisma by itself is really all talk and no action. By the end of the movie, the road trip does indeed become a rite of passage, and the crystallization of Ernesto’s crossover into adulthood was exemplified by his attempt to swim across the deep river despite the handicap of his asthma to join the excluded group of lepers at his birthday celebration, which is his realization that obstacles can be overcome.The movie indicates that the journey was not one of heroism for having taken several months off to explore the world outside. Rather, the journey should be a way of letting the world change you and how you can consequently change the world. My interpretation of that would simply be of how one takes their experiences throughout life and becomes a better person. It need not be in a grand socio-political scheme that change needs to take place because it can also be something as close as you that requires changing. Che Guevara can be seen as a “charismatic symbol,” but if you read the book on which the movie was based then you will still see a foolish side within him by his snide passing remarks targeting blacks, homosexuals and Jews. So it’s not a matter of living like fools throughout life and coming out as a fool or a hero, Anis. It is more of how one progressively learns in life to become an individual where the fool is overcome by wisdom and a hero is exhibited through a challenge to the obstacles of one’s own prejudices or the injustices of others. A more interesting examination by you would be whether you see yourself as more like Ernesto, at a crossroad in life and not knowing what to do just yet, or Alberto, sowing his wild oats before finally settling down. What exactly do you want to achieve and gain by traveling, working and living in the places you have been to on your AISEC exchanges?

  11. A. says:

    Thanks Stan for your posting, hope you’re enjoying Montreal and not missing work that much 😉 Nice analysis, and great question…I would identify myself as in between the two carachters, something like Erberto… I know what I want to achieve, what I am doing now… but I don’t know what would be the next step… I would love to continue travelling, but it’s not that easy… so we’ll see… Happy new year Anis

  12. janset says:

    Hmm…Socrates, Ernesto ”Che”, Mother Teresa…They’re no heroes nor fools,they were just born brave enough to make their dreams come true and speak out. A considerable amount of all people (especially our generation) do not understand and can not understand these kind of people’s actions because human being is selfish, what they don’t understand is what these people did was making them happy that’s all. The same reason of human beings being selfish and we can’t take it being all ”equal” because of our libidos, is a very basic and correct and proofed explanation for why communism is an uthopia. The difference is; Che and Sokrates have chosen their own path and they let the fire and passion inside them to lead them,we people let others and the system to choose ours.

  13. A. says:

    Janset, total respect… always inspired as usual 😉 I prefectly agree with youSalamA.

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