Kensington Market: An ode to diversity…

First impression I have of Toronto, top of mind: the city is amazingly culturally rich. There is a great mix of cultures here, every one is tolerated and people from different background live in harmony. In Toronto you really can experience TOLERANCE.

Kensington market is the absolute mirror to such a fact…

Walking out of China town, you take a turn in one of the streets to find yourself in a neighborhood where cultural diversity is a day to day reality: Rasta people, latinos, asian, alternatives, new wave youth, shoppers… everybody finds his way !

Cool bars, restaurants with nice patios, second hand and vintage shops (where I found plenty of basketball jerseys at my big satisfaction), spices, coffee shops, groceries with nice exotic fruits… a multitude of flavors and perfumes.

The houses, the shops and everything around seem to have a history to tell, a soul.

That sunday was a pedestrian sunday, no cars in the kensington market’s narrow streets, the pedestrians took over the control. And here and there bands playing different kinds of music: sitar, funky bands, reggae, punk… established themselves on the side walk.

you’ll certainly find what you are looking for. If not, take a look at the rasta corner, where the shop tenders play a kind of sound system fight.

I loved that place, and to make my pleasure bigger, what’s better than some fried calamari on a nice patio as an appetizer for the dinner in china town right after.

What a pure pleasure…

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1 Response to Kensington Market: An ode to diversity…

  1. Gabby says:

    Kensington Market is really beautiful…I used to go there to buy second hand funky clothes but now they’ve jacked up the price coz everybody goes there.I’m glad you see the beauty in our culturally diverse city…there’s so many different cultures to explore and it’s easy to take it for granted

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