Ibn Baddouda’s first note

That’s my first entry in a blog… This weird name I gave to my blog comes from “Ibn Battouta”: a famous arab traveler and writer of the 14th century, he recorded his travels in a book called Rihla which means journey… and it looks pretty much to what I am doing right now.

So far I had the chance to experience living in different countries, it started with Turkey (Ankara) 2 months in 2001, then Spain (Valladolid) 7 months in 2003-2004 and now Canada since March 2005.

I love living these different experiences and I hope it won’t stop soon and that I’ll have the chance to experience living in other coutnries and visit as many places as possible, so far I could go to Malta, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, France and Canada

It is nice to share my life with you guys, I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I am enjoying writing in this blog.



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5 Responses to Ibn Baddouda’s first note

  1. MOICQ says:


  2. Elyssa says:

    You want to share your life only with guys ? is this a blog forbidden for Girls ? Je me sauve alors 😉

  3. Maria7 says:

    Hello, I share the same passion as you. I lived in Costa Rica for 3 months, then France twice, the first time two months and the second 5 months. As a result I speak French and Spanish. I wish I could continue, but sadly, as you already stated, this is not an easy reality. I am stuck here working and paying the bills, but I am in a wonderful relationship. What to do. You just cannot simply have it all! Frustrating, so frustrating. Because I have a burning passion to continue my travels and morph into the people and culture of whichever country I find myself. Good luck to you and keep aggressively seeking your dreams.

  4. janset says:

    You are still very handsome baby:-)

  5. Rached says:

    Bravo Anis!T’as un véritable profil et parcours de voyageur et je t’en félicite!Je voudrais t’envoyer notre magazine Astrolabe, du CIGV, à quelle adresse postale please?Keep goingRached Trimèchewww.cigv.com

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